Why Max Protection?

Alison's purse was stolen in 1998.  She immediately reported her credit cards stolen, and closed her checking account.  With the bank account resolved, and new credit cards in hand, she replaced her driver's license and thought that was the end of it. She quickly learned that the nightmare was far from over.  A few months later, a police officer came to her house with a warrant for her arrest.  She was terrified.  She quickly learnedthat someone using her identity had missed a court date for some sort of charge.  Fortunately the police officer believed Alison when she explained that her purse had been stolen, and didn't arrest her that day.   Ultimately, though the warrant could not be lifted because it was for a valid charge, Alison was able to prove that she was not the person who'd committed the crime by submitting her fingerprints to the court.

Once again, she thought that was the end of this nightmare, and for a time, that seemed to be true.  A few years later she was in a minor car accident.  When she gave the police officer her driver's license, and the numbers were run through the computer, the old arrest warrant was still outstanding, and she was again nearly arrested.  Fortunately, she managed to again convince the police officer that she was not the Alisonhe sought and she was not arrested.

After that near-arrest, Alison considered legally changing her name back to her maiden name in hopes of resolving this once and for all, but the legal fees, coupled with the fact that she didn't want a different last name from her husband and four children, kept her from moving forward.

Ten years after her purse was stolen, Alison went back to school to become a certified nursing assistant. After completing the program, she discovered that she was unable to receive her certification - the outstanding arrest warrant once again came back to haunt her.  Fortunately, enough time had passed by, and she was able to get the arrest warrant removed from her record and receive her certificate.

Alison is now enrolled in Max Protection so that she receives alerts whenever anything changes in her public records.

Alison P* Southern Maryland

One night a few years ago, a little after 2:00 am, Bryan's Dad was awakened by a knock at the door.  The local police department had been dispatched to the house by a police department 3,000 miles away asking them to notify the next of kin that Bryan had died in a car crash.  Fortunately, Bryan was sound to sleep in his bed, which his parents were relieved to discover after he was awakened by their screams of anguish.

They soon learned that a 57 year old man, living and working across the country from the real Bryan, had been using his identity for years, andhad died in a car accident earlier that evening.  Once Bryan and his family recovered from the shock, they discovered that the imposter hadracked up several thousand dollars in debt in Bryan's name.  Bryan, now 25 years old, still lives at home because he has no credit file and the Social Security Administration believes he died in the car accident.   Bryan is working with Max Protection now to recover his identity.

Bryan M* Northern Virginia

Colleen, a happily married mother of two, was stunned to receive a notice from the Internal Revenue Service a few years back.  They were questioning why she'd filed a joint return with her husband for the prior tax year, after filing a single return and receiving a refund months prior.  Colleen quickly learned that someone had used her name, address, and social security number to file and fraudulent tax return in her name, and had already received the refund.  Colleen worked with Max Protection to contact the Internal Revenue Service to prove that she did not file the return in question, and that she did not receive the funds refunded by the IRS.

Colleen R* Greater New York Area

*Information provided is based on actual situations experienced by these individuals. Actual names, locations, and all other identifying pieces of information have been changed to protect their identities.