Why Max Protection?

What is Identity Theft?

MAX PROTECTION is provided by a team of experts in the banking, data security, financial and identity theft prevention and protection sectors who constantly monitor the security, health care, data security and payment card industries to ensure that the highest level of protection and prevention is offered to both our business customers and consumers. We believe that protection is not enough. Effective prevention strategies are crucial in protecting data and identities. We combine both to provide comprehensive, maximum security to our customers.


Total Data Protection for Businesses and Consumers

Our mission is two-fold. To provide an all-inclusive suite of data security programs to businesses across all channels and industries; and to provide the most advanced identity theft prevention and protection programs to consumers.

Traditional identity protection programs do nothing to prevent identity theft. Instead, they step in after there has been a compromise to help clean up the damage. MAXProtection takes a pro-active approach to identity theft prevention. Our most economical program, MaxID provides assistance from birth to estate identity theft protection. MaxID Pro+ go a step further to prevent identity theft at the source. Data scans scour desktop and mobile devices to find personal data, such as social security numbers and credit card numbers lurking on systems. With easy-to-read reports that show exactly what vital information is stored, and where, consumers can easily locate sensitive information, and take action to remove or secure it.